winter camping

Winter camping is either extremely fun or extremely miserable. But, if you’re itching to get out to camp during the winter season, you have to be prepared! And if done right, you might even enjoy spending a bit of time in the great frozen outdoors. When it comes to gear, you need to know what kind of gear to buy (or borrow) in order to have a successful trip.

Sleeping Bag

When it comes to winter camping, your first priority is a good sleeping bag. Never using a summer sleeping bag on a winter camp. I know that may seem obvious, but people fall into that trap all the time. Try to get a sleeping bag with a temperature rating similar to the lowest temperature of where you will be camping. Also, I usually bring a fleece blanket just in case.

Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is necessary to create a barrier between you and the frozen ground. Trust me, your sleeping bag and tent floor wont do the job. Avoid extremely thin foam pads. One of the most popular sleeping pads on the market is the Therm-a-rest Neoair Xtherm, but if you are on a budget, just find something that either fills up with air or is thicker than quarter of an inch.


Getting a winter tent is recommended, but isn’t as important as your sleeping bag. Just be smart. A windy winter night may become quite breezy with some styles of summer tents. If you are looking to invest in a nice heavy winter camping tent, I would recommend checking out the Kodiak canvas tents.


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