Utah hides many secret places that are just out of this world. Today, we want to share one of our favorite places with you:

Old Paria.

A highly overlooked stop-in spot, just outside of Kanab, Old Paria is a must see stop if you’re coming back from Lake Powell, Zion, or anywhere else. You have to pull off the main road and drive down a dirt road for about 10-15 minutes, but once you see the beautifully colored banded hills, you’ll know it’s worth it.

Pictures can’t do justice the beautiful stripes of these mini mountains. Usually there aren’t a ton of people here, so you are able to wander around without feeling overwhelmed by crowds of people. It’s very quiet and peaceful.

This place used to be a movie set that was used to film western movies and TV shows from 1963-1991. The iconic Clint Eastwood film “Outlaw Josey Wells” was shot here. There were some old structures that remained here after the movie set was no longer in use, but unfortunately due to nature and vandalism, they no longer exist. #keepitwildplease

Some tips for when you visit here:

#1: Please stay on the road with your car. Don’t try any crazy off-roading, and the park rangers will thank you. They often visit here to check up on everything.

#2: Best time to take pictures here is mid-afternoon, early evening, when the sun hits all the colors of the rocks.

#3: Try and stay off the colorful part of the mountain as much as possible. It looks better anyway to take a picture from farther back, where you can see all the colors together.

#4: There is a bathroom if you need to use it. It’s pretty well kept so don’t worry about it being yucky.

If you come here, make sure to tag #hikrlife when you post your pictures! We’d love to see them!

Have fun checking out this rainbow!


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