GoTele off-grid tracking device

We live in a day and age where everything is electronic, including our main forms of communication and navigation. Because our cell phones have become such a prominent crutch, it is common to feel crippled when you leave the comforts of LTE and 4G. GoTele is one of many devices that attempts to provide electronic functionality where a common cell phone would fail to do so.

GoTele is a bluetooth enable device that has both GPS and long range radio capabilities. Essentially this device allows you to track your location like a GPS, and communicate with other GoTele devices.

Here are some uses listed on their Indigogo site:

  • Track your friends
  • Track your pets
  • Send SOS signals (device to device)
  • Send text messages
  • Track/record your (or others) movements

We got our hands on a couple of these bad boys to try them out. After downloading the GoTele app, it only took a minute or two to figure out how to set it up and add other members to your group. I was able to record my hike that day, add my wife to my “group” so that I could send her a texts in the app and an SOS. The SOS is an actual button on the device that if pressed, it will send an alarm and exact coordinates to everyone in the group. Growing up, I heard of several times that a child was accidentally separated from their family, or a scout from their troop. If they all had GoTeles, they may have avoided unnecessary heartache or worry.


  • You can track your hikes, or someone else’s movement.
  • You don’t need cell service
  • You can communicate through the app (one device per person necessary)
  • You can download portions of the map (useful when out of cell range)
  • You can send messages to each other
  • App functionality can run in the background (when phone is locked and not being used)
  • Has a max range of 1.8 – 3 miles


  • Most useful when you have two more more devices
  • If your phone battery dies, it’s useless, except when using SOS
  • The strap is cheaply made and came undone right in front of my eyes 🙁
  • Has a max range of 1.8 – 3 miles

Like what you hear? Check out GoTele’s Indigogo page for more information. If you have any comments or questions, do so below! We will respond to any/all questions! Also, let us know if you have heard of GoTele or have tried any of their competitors…we are always down for a little friendly competition :).

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3 thoughts to “GoTele: Off-Grid Tracking Device

  • TOM

    Im just wondering, If I buy one can I track my pet with one gotele?
    Or do I need two?

    • Andy Nielsen

      If you are looking to track your pet, you will for sure need two. One for the pet, one to connect to your phone! Sorry for the late response!

  • Deryck Calow

    I can’t download the app
    Does this work in Australia?


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