Goal Zero

Renewable energy has become extremely popular in the tech industry and has crept into the outdoor and camping gear industry as a new and exciting fad. In my opinion, there are many companies that engineer and sell gear that is more flashy than practical, but solar camping gear is a little bit of both.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero is a company based in Bluffdale, Utah. The company specializes in solar panel technology. Some of their main items are portable solar kits, lights, and portable power stations.

Goal Zero Torch 250 FlashlightTorch 250 Flashlight

I have had this flashlight for over a year now and it has served me very well. It has a strong flood light (70 lumens), and an even stronger spotlight (180 lumens) running on a rechargeable battery. There is also a red light to maintain your night vision. It has thick plastic casing and a “hands free hook”. There is also a USB cord attached to charge the device quickly, a crank for emergency power resupply, a solar panel, and a USB port to plug your phone in. From a full battery, you should be able to charge your cell phone 2 times over.


I love the two light system. When I walk at night, I use both lights at the same time; the flood light to shine down at my feet and the spotlight to illuminate the area in front of me. I like how bright the flood light is, and use it in the tent more than my lamp. If you keep the solar panel in direct sunlight during the day, it prolongs the battery’s life significantly. Also, all of Goal Zero’s gear have rechargeable batteries!


Using the crank isn’t practical in most instances, so I never use it. The solar panel doesn’t charge the battery very fast, but it does prolong the battery significantly. Finally, the flashlight is a little more pricey than an average battery powered lamp.

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