every kid in a park

every kid in a park

Every Kid in a Park

In 2015, the Obama administration instigated a new movement called “Every Kid in a Park.” Essentially this campaign encourages parents to take their kids to national parks and national monuments. They do this by giving free national parks passes to all 4th graders. Here is more information:

  • The pass is 100% free and is reusable…thanks Obama!
  • Every 4th grader is eligible for a pass, including home schooled students.
  • This pass works like a typical parks pass, but will expire in August 2017 (since they will become 5th graders).
  • Many of the park entrances will trade the voucher for an actual 4th grade plastic pass.
  • If your child loses their pass, you can print off a new voucher to replace it.
  • Without your 4th grader present, this parks pass isn’t valid :).
  • Any type of teacher or youth group leader that works with 4th graders can get passes for several kids at a time. You can do this by clicking HERE.
  • If you are the parent of a 4th grader, walk through the activity that gets them the free pass by clicking HERE.









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