Hey Hikrs!

Sadie here! Happy National Take a Hike Day! We are so grateful to live in the great state of Utah and have the opportunity to hike in the beautiful mountains whenever we want. We hope you are still finding time to get outside even though it’s definitely getting colder!

We wanted to share with you what has become one of our favorite products when we hike: Wiivvs Insoles.

Wivvs insoles are incredible because they are created right from your phone! So you don’t have to visit the Orthopedic and wait forever to get them. It’s really simple: you just download the app, follow the guided instructions to take pictures of your feet, and send in your measurements! You get your custom fit insoles within a couple weeks,  and man they are comfy!!

They take a bit to break in, but I honestly ripped out my old soles in my shoes, so I can just keep my Wiivv’s in my shoes at all times. I have a pair for my workout and hiking shoes, and I really feel like they make a difference when I’m on my feet for a long period of time.

I also suffer from back problems, and I notice a huge difference in my pain levels when I wear shoes with my Wiivv’s, versus when I just wear normal shoes. They come in half sizes or full sizes, so you can choose which kind you need for your shoes. One of my favorite things about them also is they are cute!! They come in several different patterns, and they are also customized with your name engraved in the bottom. I mean, why wouldn’t you want these?!

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Give yourself the gift of comfort this great hiking day and buy yourself some custom fit insoles! Check out Wiivv insoles and their other products at https://wiivv.com/

If you have any more questions about Wiivv’s, feel free to message us about what you’re looking for!

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to get out there and hike!!

– Sadie


Wiivv created a special edition commemorative insole, of which a portion of every sale in 2018 will be donated to AHS – the only national organization that promotes and protects foot trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience. Check them out HERE.


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